I can’t just sit here without posting an entry about my new ouchy ouch wound.
We were at the beach last Thursday as part of our NATIONAL DOMNET SUMMER CAMP 2012. We played this Caterpillar (Catch the Tail) game (I cursed it. Haha) and everyone was expected to join cuz in Domnet, bawal ang KJ. So I had no choice. While playing, there was an unexpected ‘crash’ in our group and there were like 4 of us who knelt down to the rough sand. OUUUUCCHHH! I think I had the hardest fall cuz I was the only one in the tribe who was brought to the First Aid Area. I wasn’t crying at first but when I saw blood streaming down, I cried like a baby. How embarrassing :/
I don’t have a photo of my freshly skinned foot. I just can’t handle how it looked like that time. There were people I don’t really know who took. After everything, I had to maintain dressing it.


I don’t really talk to others as they were from other places but after that incident, I got asked several times How Am I already by priest, sisters, teachers, facilitators and other delegates. I even received this funny award as if my wound caught attention.


I wanna thank everyone who helped me šŸ™‚ Now, the way I walk is weird due to the pain. And the only footwear that I can use is just a pair of slippers. I wonder how long this would take.

This is how my wound looks like right now:

daw sa news lang nga nalupkan palupok.