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The path of true love never runs smoothly, and when Gemma is involved it can get exceedingly bumpy! For as long as thirteen-year-old Gemma Stone can remember she has dreamed of becoming an award-winning journalist. Unfortunately, as the youngest member of the editorial team on the Green Park High student web-zine, she is given the job of writing the horoscopes, under the pen name ‘Jessica Jupiter’. Not knowing the first thing about astrology, Gemma decides to make the most of her unexpected situation by using her new position to play Cupid with her friends, writing fictional forecasts to help their romantic dreams come true. But is Gemma to busy with her friends love lives to notice signs of love closer to home?

(Source:http://books.simonandschuster.co.uk )


ayyye. So this is my first review! 🙂

I have this book on my iBooks collection. I had a really nice comfort time while reading this that I finished it very late at night with the lights off. (As always with twitter. But this time, its sort of diff)

Love Match appealed to me because of the cover, tbh haha. It’s a feel-good, accurate portrayal of high school life. Although it didn’t give me many butterflies, I still think it was a cute story. It’s inspirational for anyone who’s wondering what to do in the future. It shows that you have to keep trying, and taking a horoscope job could be a stepping stone to something bigger!

I’m so pumped to read the sequel- Stupid Cupid and Paris Crush!!!

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