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I keep on saying I need to post atleast six blog posts a month but I keep on failing. I know, I suck. So this post i’m having right now was basically made to sort of update, or meet my goal I just said above. Mehehe

I have no idea what to blog about that will take less time. I need to make two other posts before the month ends but I guess I won’t make it because of our upcoming exams on Monday. Err but I have this little post/article about our Newsletter Production Seminar last week. I hope nothing’s gonna contradict. I might finally post it by first week of November.

Sooo this app named Multi-lens camera and that cute tiger headband from Papo aided me tonight. These will give my post something sparkling. lol just kidding!

Say hello to my I-obviously-did-nothing-the-whole-day-and-night look.