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It was my second time baking cookies by my own. The first one was during my mom and dad’s anniversary last April.

These are the simplest cookies ever, so no sweat in making one. It didn’t even require much time and ingredients.

My second attempt was immediate and quick. I know i’m not a pro but atleast i’m trying! Ahha. I made it like two days ago when I should be studying for exams but then I got bored and turned to baking which caused me to stay up ’til like 1 in the morning just reviewing.

Since it was immediate, ingredients were scarce. What I did was look for substitutions over the internet! Haha

First opinion from a very respected food critic, my brother, Andrei: tasteless.

BOOOO I SUCK HAHA. Most are substitutions okay? So there could be changes of the flavor.

Because i’m good in fixing up things daw, I looked for topping…



I admit it looks unattractive because of the cocoa powder I used but hey! It tastes sooo darn good 😉 I wish I could send virtually to everyone who reads this buuut, it came to me that you might forget your name and even where you live sooo, no no. I’m trying to be kind okay Haha

Sorry for the very unprofessional photos by the way. If only I have a good camera…

Oh and here’s me trying to make pa-cute with my very scrumptious chocolate cookies. Irony.