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November 19, 2012

lol joke. I over-exaggerated. We were not really school grounded. We just felt like that after Sister Principal notified Sir Rolex (in charge of students) her decision that no one is allowed to go out the school unless we are picked by relatives individually. Since the whole congress thingy began the next day, it would have been the perfect time for us to do personal stuffs like SHOPPING and CHILLING around the city. My dad tried to pick me up and my friends but it was just so hard to make Sister approve. I just decided to stay at school where my friends were. (haha I’m just that friendly but when the day ended, I regretted my choice. Jilliana Stupida!)

What we did:

1. Took photos of us going crazy about you knowww

2. Practice for our broadway presentation.

3. Shared thoughts with Justine’s bro, Kuya Kelvs.

4. Ate Jollibee for lunch at 4pm (this sucked even more)

5. Played cards

those are pretty much the things I can remember.


Justin with Nicole’s cam, Papo and I


we’re all pretty and each deserves a space 🙂


with Ate Krizza and Marian!


Florence fakin



uyyy model daw. Maan, Apple, Nicole and Marela


Papo and Ervin

Take a quick tour over the school’s Spain-like architecture.

SWAG:) as the travel guides. (Note: Don’t expect much about us and how the vid was taken. haha)


Oh and of course, I understand Sister’s decision. It’s not like i’m blaming her okay? I know she only wanted us to be Safe (and sound. ngeee) under her care. 🙂

Yaaay so I think I already said everything about our second day in MNL. Cheerios!