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11pm of the 27th when I started making visual greeting for mom’s birthday. I felt kind of crafty while she was away with friends for some pre-birthday celebration. I was struggling looking for materials at the middle of the night but good thing I found some cartolinas I used in my old projects.


Its 12 AM. I was slightly freaking out because USTET results are officially released (on St. Thomas Aquinas’ feast day). I rushed to the site hoping I can pass. No words after seeing the result. I felt blessed and over-joyed. Everything feels good around me hihi


Shortly after that very moment, mom has arrived home. I immediately ran up to her and greeted her with a warm hug. I also told her about me passing. I love her and her such sweet response!

In the morning at school, the entrance test results was the main talk. Ehehe I wanna congratulate all my friends who passed :). Also, a mass was done in honor of the feast. “Hail Saint Thomas!”

My fam celebrated mom’s birthday through a little festive dinner. Lola also came along. Dad tho wasn’t with us because he was away. Saaad


We went to Lola’s home afterwards and ate lots of ice cream which was of my fave flavor yaay. But unfortunately before that, ehem ehem guess what? I fell down into a canal just in front of the gate. Hahaha great…not! Indeed, good things come with little bad ones. Medyo shungeks eh huhuh

Say hello to my wounds. Don’t forget the bruises around. Hahaha



The day was really unforgettable to me. Love ya mom always x😘