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Hellooo! so I was just thinking that after I graduate, I want to do something unrelated from my course, something different from Occupational Therapy. But you see my problem is, i’m not creative or active or anything :(( I can’t do arts or sports basically. I wanna travel so bad and take really cute photos from all around the world but obviously that does not come in a jiffy. So here I am, sitting in my room listening to Arctic Monkeys (boy, their Baby I’m Yours is really a good one), lowkey hoping my blog can take me somewhere (ambisyosa haha).

Almost 2 years since I last updated (mygosh user ko talaga, naguupdate lang to get away from boredom) and this is where I am now:


I’m on my 3rd year in college and we’re down to the last shifting. We are just on our Easter Break (Thank God for Catholic school practices) right now so I’m currently at home but unfortunately, for just a week. I’m not complaining though, at least I have a week to take a rest and get away from all the stress because honestly this semester has been the toughest ever, I swear. Take a look at my eye bags! I’ve never had as huge as these before!!!


I’m just so thankful I’ve got Dada, Edel, and Iris aka college bilats (besties) to share all the struggles with. They make things somewhat lighter and easier for me. Becos I swear, life in CRS is no joke. We’re gonna survive, you girls!!!! We’ll be wearing our skorts next year and we’re gonna graduate in 2019! Oh btw, I’m not a loner in my block anymore!!! We’re equally divided-Iris & I in OT-A and Edel & Dada in OT-B. (Background of the story: I was the only one separated last semester FU reshuffle!!!)

Hmm what else………

I’m 19 now! hahaha I just saw my last birthday post which was me turning 17.

I don’t know what to say anymore 😦 maybe I’ll start blogging about food the next time I’m in the mood (I think Mom is making tacos later yay wala lang). Or movie/series review? I don’t know. I just don’t wanna write something outdated like stories or trips from 3 months ago hehe and honestly my typical days revolve only around school, dorm, school yez i’m a boring person, my supposed time for leisure is eaten by acads or sleep.

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