SOTD: Chocolate


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My first Song Of The Day will be for The 1975, an English Alternative rock band! Just heard about their upcoming free concert in Manila which will be by March. But cry cry because can’t come. Imagine singing along live with this hottie

Matty Dreamy! 😍

Ehehe as for his name, still cheering for #TeamMatty on Awkward. Been waiting for the next episode. It’s been ages urgggh
Oops okay, back to the topic. Let’s chill( or mourn) while listening to one of my fave song from their debut album.

♪Hey, now you say you’re gonna quit it but you’re never gonna quit it. Go get it, go get it, go get it, go get it, gp. And play it cool!♪


Gratitude Bulb 2013


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*Late post- I was supposed to publish this by the 2nd day of the year but I forgot so this was just lurking by my drafts for weeks*
Happy New Year followers and stalkers! Hahahah It’s 2014, let’s thank the Lord!

Can’t believe i’m finally back to blogging and this feels so gooood!
First post for this year goes for the bulb i’ve been keeping throughout the past year (until now ofc). So what is this whole thing about. What what what.


I found this new year tip I read on twitter before. Thought it would be cute and it would really be worthy for a try. Its simplicity wouldn’t bother much. You just have to take note all the good things, experiences, and memories which made you happy and thankful. Keep it all together and read at the end of the year. This can also be a sort of overview for the year. Yuh.




Here are some of the best <3:








Also, don’t forget to include even the little things. Sometimes in life, we must stop focusing on how stressed we are and remember how blessed we are. Having this collection can make one realize there’s so much in life which causes happiness. And we shall never forget to be thankful to God for all of it. Yieee 🙂

2012: An Overview


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Wow this post has been on my drafts for three months, untouched. I’ll just share it tho unfinished because I think its demanding me. hoho i’ll try to continue very soon  mehehe promise

So enjoy my first 6 months of 2012!


I should’ve made this post last year! hahaha so anyway, I have my laptop again after like four friggin months on the shop after Andrei updated something causing this thing to crash. And now im just so glad I have it again yaaaay I can stay up all night and do everything like I used to!

Mehehe this should be a year-ender post meheheh And i’m terribly sorry I only have few photos. I ain’t really an explorer. I only do facebook and that’s it. Okay here it goes..


  • Welcomed 2012 with Ninong Randy and Ysa! booooom


  • Lola Luz (from Chicago) and Lola Annie (Bacolod) came to visit us at the start of the year. We took them to places they’ve never been before! I saw how happy my lola was during that time, being reunited with in-laws.



  • Ohhh and my mom’s bday! can’t find any photo from that day so I just grabbed this 2011 birthday photo she personally edited on her cam meheheh hi mom.



Happy Valentine’s Day! *hearts* *hearts*

  • don’t really have much photos so I sneaked in to my Instagram and repost these photos taken at our valentine’s family dinner at a local resto. hahaImage


  • Louis babe also sent me an e-card. jelly? ya? 😉Image

lol jk. how i wish this was for real. but uhh thanks Marian for this 🙂


  • Andrei’s 9th birthday! 😀Image
  • Few photos before my Sophomore Year ended:

SWAG:) haha you think we’re bad-asses for going all vain and crazy at the school clinic? we too shot our Call Me Maybe remake vid which I posted last year.




yay and so I ended the school year with me being in the 4th rank! 😀Image

  • Ate Nika’s high school graduation!Image

with LA babies – Ziggy and Yoko! 🙂


  • Farewell party for teachers 😥




  • Fiesta in Barrio 7


We went to this little carnival “perya”. It was actually our first time and we have to admit that the fun we were looking for just brought us disappointment. Oooops! Urwell, except for Andrei. silly.


  • Mom and Dad’s 17th Wedding Anniversary! Look at these cookies I baked 🙂


  • Bukidnon with Zambra family for Holy Weekimage_1357558645432232image_1357558589522778

And did a whole lot of job at the office.


  • Domnet 2012! This has got to be one of the most beautiful gathering i’ve ever been to! Aww, the sweet memories.


My tribe/team: Flash…Illumina!!!


late night photo shoot with schoolmates



This was also the time where I got my biggest scar. haha one of the factor why this camp’s unforgettable.

  • Samal getaway with fam150771_4005621780214_702366112_n564988_316485115092723_1962393842_n

Piano Recital: Voice Of The Heart season 5546560_4033599515544_642116865_n


  • Lolo’s 78th birthday


  • Unplanned trip to Cebu


Popsicle playground!


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Last week’s episode of this “local show” inspired me to take photos of precious things that won’t last forever. So since I have this little habit of losing and breaking stuffs, I decided to take photos of my TLE project which was to make anything out of popsicle sticks. The designs were of our choice.

I made this eenie playground or park. teehee It just feels so good hearing people complementing my project. Most said it is cute. Mehehe I feel like my liver’s gonna explode!!! CHAROTSSS

Tell me what y’all think 🙂



MNL: grouned at school


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November 19, 2012

lol joke. I over-exaggerated. We were not really school grounded. We just felt like that after Sister Principal notified Sir Rolex (in charge of students) her decision that no one is allowed to go out the school unless we are picked by relatives individually. Since the whole congress thingy began the next day, it would have been the perfect time for us to do personal stuffs like SHOPPING and CHILLING around the city. My dad tried to pick me up and my friends but it was just so hard to make Sister approve. I just decided to stay at school where my friends were. (haha I’m just that friendly but when the day ended, I regretted my choice. Jilliana Stupida!)

What we did:

1. Took photos of us going crazy about you knowww

2. Practice for our broadway presentation.

3. Shared thoughts with Justine’s bro, Kuya Kelvs.

4. Ate Jollibee for lunch at 4pm (this sucked even more)

5. Played cards

those are pretty much the things I can remember.


Justin with Nicole’s cam, Papo and I


we’re all pretty and each deserves a space 🙂


with Ate Krizza and Marian!


Florence fakin



uyyy model daw. Maan, Apple, Nicole and Marela


Papo and Ervin

Take a quick tour over the school’s Spain-like architecture.

SWAG:) as the travel guides. (Note: Don’t expect much about us and how the vid was taken. haha)

Oh and of course, I understand Sister’s decision. It’s not like i’m blaming her okay? I know she only wanted us to be Safe (and sound. ngeee) under her care. 🙂

Yaaay so I think I already said everything about our second day in MNL. Cheerios!


MNL: Arrival


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My dad and I took the 10am flight causing us to arrive 6 hours earlier than my co-delegates from Marbel for the Congress. The 7th National OP-Siena Congress was held last November 20-22, 2012 at Siena College of Quezon City wherein 23 Siena schools participated from all over the country for the annual event.

We invited Tita Doc Daday and Kim (idk how she’s related with Tita Doc) for Chinese lunch at Pasay. Since we were just along the bay, we had a quick stroll after eating.

The place gave us warm San Diego vibe!

❤ Daddy!


It wasn’t so hard asking Tita Doc to do the peace sign. She’s so hip! lol


Mehehe I have pearly white teeth right here


We went to the Noel bazaar right after at the World Trade Center and shopped for some things. Never thought it was just like Greenhills Tiangge-tiangge in there but still, I couldn’t resist buying some stuffs! Haha They had really amazing Christmas ornaments by the entrance plus they were playing Christmas songs inviting people for an early Christmas shopping.



There were also food stalls. And guess who we saw selling lechon…Paul Jake from PBB! haha

That’s Kim beside him.


Okk so lezz move on.

It was past 4 when we drove Tita Doc home.

Sunset (y’know how unprofessional I am)


Since her house is near the airport, after we dropped her, an airplane was landing. Dad was pretty sure it was the flight were my other schoolmates are. I suggested maybe we could go there and try to see if it was really them. Thanks to that military guy who was driving for us. Through him, we were able to park by the VIP area and had access to enter the airport. We were waiting for like 10 minutes before my mates  went out from the majestic arrival station.

I decided to go along with them leaving my dad and the military guy.

Here are some photos taken at the buzzz



Siena QC! First impression, a bit creepy. Walls no paint, most lights off plus the night sky all gave us the scaredy feeling. We were one of the first schools who arrived for a week-long stay there (of course, because we are among the schools located at Mindanao) and we can’t just rush.


We were expecting dinner at MOA or any other restaurants but it was kinda depressing that we had to eat Jollibee located across the street. Come think about this, the restaurant or fast food can be McDo or KFC or whatever, but why Jollibee?! It was like c’mon, we eat it everyday in Marbel. No matter how hard we react, we had no choice but to eat Jollibee for the rest of our dinner in Manila. Eeeeek

Vainity inside our quarter. I swear there are gabazillion photos of my friends’ faces in my camera roll.